Since I mentioned Big Light's Core Values in the latest keynote I delivered at NEM Duvbrovnik 2023, I thought to share these as well. These stand proudly in our offices as a frame of reference for everything we do.

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Big Light Productions' Core Values

We are individuals committed to the common goal of creating great entertainment that will enrich the lives of our audience and withstand the test of time.

To achieve these goals we must work at them tirelessly, fearlessly, and with the following values deeply imbued in our core.

Modesty: Work toward achieving greatness, but maintain humility.

Integrity: Use your best judgment; perform your work selflessly, honestly, and caringly.

Respect: Show respect for our peers, our supervisors, and our industry.

Responsibility: Recognize and embrace the responsibility we have to our peers, our supervisors, our critics, our industry, and ourselves to uphold the success we have achieved.

Awareness: Keep an open mind. Recognize innovation and realize inspiration, which will result in evolution and growth.

Initiative: Have the courage to take initiative and the conviction to follow through. Search for new ideas and means of improvement.

Collaboration: Work together to achieve results that are greater than those you can achieve alone.

Consistency: Maintain our standards of quality moment to moment, day to day, and year to year.

Impact: Make a positive difference in the quality of our work and the work of those around us.

Success: Create thoughtful, entertaining programs that people enjoy.

Legacy: Establish a benefit to the audience and the company that outlives us.

Trust: Allow others to do their best, accepting all of us will make mistakes.


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