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Hi Frank, 

I've been a long time X-Phile and I had a question regarding the episode "William." I heard that David, Gillian and you were opposed to Scully giving up her son to adoption, that it was Chris Carter's idea, and that he came to make that decision at the last minute. Is all that true? What were your reasons to be against that plotline? Did you and Chris talk about his choice or why he made it? Thank you.


Lynda, I don't recall who came up with the idea that William had to be given up for adoption. I suspect it was Chris, David or me, since we all shared story credit. I don't think anyone objected to the decision, but I will tell you that it didn't play out the way I expected. At that point, I believed the ninth season of the series would lead directly into a second X-Files feature film that would allow us to pick up the storyline. For reasons beyond my control, that didn't happen. Instead it would be another six years before an X-Files film would be made, and rather than picking up where the series left off, we were asked to tell a standalone story having nothing to do with the series' alien conspiracy mythology. It's hard to say what we would've done if we'd known that at the time we made "William."

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