Dear Frank,

What a pleasure to see appear on internet some pictures of the sets of the Leonardo series, some also of Aidan Turner at work with his white horse, or at the exit of the studios! The members of our group, AIDAN TURNER FANS FRANCE, count on me every day to find information and pictures of our Aidan/Leonardo, and each new update of the group is a real joy for them, like our last cover photo in the colors of Leonardo. I personally also await, as a Frenchwoman, news from Robin Renucci and Hugo Becker, two magnificent actors whom I adore.

I know that the film sets are protected and secret, but what would I not give to be a little mouse who could snoop around and browse on the sets! A mouse armed with a camera, of course! In short, my question is simple: Could we, instead of a picture of Aidan on the set (but do not hesitate to publish one if it's possible!) have a little greeting from you to the group members? Many of them discover you, thanks to your publications in your mailbag and thanks to the articles that I publish on the group's wall. They realize that they have sometimes known your work for decades, and have seen the series that you have created and produced. We all feel great admiration for you and consider it a privilege to be able to read you. Thank you for your time and your concern for your fans.

Claire, and the members of the AIDAN TURNER FRANCE Facebook group

Thank you so much, Claire. It's a great pleasure for me to send greetings to Aidan's fans in France and all around the world -- I know there are a lot of them! We can't share any images from the series just yet, but we are busy at work on Leonardo and can't wait for you to see it.

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