Dear Mr. Spotnitz,

I started watching The Man in the High Castle based on a recommendation from a friend. I hadn't previously heard of or read the book. Therefore, much of what I say should be directed at the author.  I have to say the ending was like the time when our car broke down on the way to visit grandma's house for Thanksgiving. Getting the car fixed caused us to miss thanksgiving resulting it being a big disappointment.  

I'm sure all you guys involved in the show's development high five each other each time you get an email saying how crappy the ending was. It was a big build up over three seasons only to end in the inability of the storyteller to finish what they have started.  I have to say I will be very reluctant in the future to put in the effort needed to absorb whatever you are portraying. 

I just think an ending that bad spoils all the good stuff that came before. Most of the time when a movie isn't good I just think "oh well, I only wasted a couple of hours" and I move on.  

This is the first time however that I've been annoyed enough to write. I also went on line and read about the ending.  It was all a bunch of gobbledegook by people who were as disappointed as I was; only they weren't admitting to themselves they wasted 35 or 40 hours. When you see that many people who are confused, you didn't produce a good product.  Don't be fooled by industry insiders telling you it was awesome. The ending wasn't awesome it was "C-" dumb jock eighth grader stuff. 


Las Vegas, Nevada


Joel, I am very sorry to hear that you were disappointed. I left the series due to creative differences during the second season, so I cannot claim responsibility for any of the storytelling after that point.



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