Dear Frank,
I just finished reading your interview in Variety, and I can't praise your words enough!
I'm so sorry to read in the press that some people can't distinguish between historical reality and fiction.
These criticisms of Leonardo as a betrayal of the truth about the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci are made by people who cannot see the work that went into it, and the beauty of the final result.
It is sad to be so closed to a new era in series history.  
In any case, I am very proud of you and your team, producers, actors and technicians!
The result is superb, and the members of my group Aidan Turner Fans France and I are delighted to have finally seen, after 18 months of waiting, Aidan Turner embody Leonardo with such brilliance and intensity. 
We missed him, and the show has given him back to us, more handsome, talented and magnificent than ever, in the fullness of his 30s, at the top of his game. 
He was born to be Da Vinci!
And we can't thank you enough for choosing him for this role.
I can't wait for next Tuesday, my birthday will be wonderful thanks to the continuation of Leonardo's adventures, and I can't wait to see the series again in English, because Aidan is also a voice that we miss terribly!
Take good care of yourselves in these difficult times and we look forward to seeing you this autumn presenting the series on the France Télévisions channels when it is broadcast in France.
Greetings from the members of the Aidan Turner Fans France group.


Thank you so much, Claire, and happy (early) birthday!

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