Hi, Frank!

I'm very excited about your upcoming project Leonardo. I've been a fan of Aidan Turner for several years and I think the role of young Leonardo Da Vinci will suit him perfectly.

Like Leonardo, Aidan is a brilliant man of so many talents! He has great acting abilities and lots of passion for his craft, he used to be a ballroom dancer (competing on international level) and, of course, he has the looks ;). He's also very passionate about art: he collects modern art and paints as well (pity, I haven't seen his paintings, cause he's very modest about it: btw has he shown you any?). I suppose, his personal experience as a painter might come in handy while portraying Leonardo. 

Frank, you encouraged us to ask questions and I have tons of them, so here are some for starters:

— Did Mr Turner have to audition for the role of L. Da Vinci? Who were other actors auditioning for this part? Why did you choose Aidan?

— Are you familiar with any of Mr Turner's previous work: film, TV or theatre? If you are, which one made you notice him and which one, in your opinion, stands out the most?

— Can't wait to hear the names of other members of the cast of Leonardo, especially, curious to learn: who's going to play the one very important woman in Leonardo's life?

— While depicting Leonardo, will you you be aiming at historical accuracy? Will there be place for fiction or you'd prefer to stick to the facts? Will you romanticize Leonardo or rather present him as a live man, with flaws, shortcomings, vices, etc.? 

Thank you! 

From Russia with love, 



We offered the role of Leonardo to Aidan, whom we've been fans of for a long time, going back to Being Human, The Hobbit and the start of PoldarkI don't want to look behind the curtain just yet, as we haven't even started shooting, but we have more announcements coming soon and are excited for you to discover what we have in store.


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