First of all. I am so happy you created this space for your fans :) It's such a pretty website too - very you (designed like a writer's room pin board)! Hats off to your team as well :) 

Of course I couldn't resist sending you a question related to The X-Files immediately ;) Obviously I understand that you would not publicly comment/criticise how CC ended the series but I do wonder, if you could comment about where you would have liked to see Mulder and Scully end up?

Is there any possibility that there may be more of the show in the future.. that you could be involved in? I know that GA said she would not be doing anymore but with you as a writer maybe? 

All the best Frank! I am looking forward to all of your work as well!


I will always feel deeply attached to The X-Files. Without giving away what I would do, I can tell you what I'd be eager to see, which are stories that are not only terrifying, but deeply emotional and personal. These characters are part of our lives, and I would like to see how they have changed and grown over the years.

Whether or not I get to be involved, as a fan I can't help hoping that we get to revisit this world one day. 



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