Hi Frank!

Thank you for all the entertainment over the years!

I have a couple loose ends from Night Stalker I'm hoping you would clear up for the fans:

1) What made the copy of Kolchak's birthmark show up on the wrists of all the victims after their deaths?

2) Was "The Old Man" from "What's the Frequency, Kolchak?" the thing that actually killed Carl's wife?  If not, who/what did?

Thank you much, sir!


The mark on the wrist was meant to be the same mark that God placed on Cain after he killed Abel. In our telling, it’s a sign that a person is fated to do evil.

Vince Gilligan wrote “What’s the Frequency, Kolchak?” but my understanding of the “Old Man” was that he was in fact Satan, so responsible for all evil in the world, whether committed directly by the devil or by someone on the devil’s behalf.

Thanks for watching, Scott!

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