Good Day Mr Spotnitz and team,

I want to start by saying thank you, thank you for Ransom. I love that show! 
The quality of the performances of all the actors was great, the production work was outstanding and the fact that they traveled to other countries solving problems seemed very original and dynamic. Bravo!!!

In truth, it bothered me a lot about the series' cancellation. The public sometimes fails to recognize the merit of a project, but as not everything in life really dies but sometimes transforms, maybe it could find life again on another channel? I hope so and I´ll send good vibes about that.

Only one other thing. I confess that I would have liked to see the team face the much-feared cultural and language shock in their travels. They don't always have to know exactly what to say or do in the first place, and just watching them sweat a little bit more than usual would have been great. That's just a comment from someone who loves drama on TV and film. :)

Anyway, I love love love your show a lot and I´ll miss it. 

Blessings for all family members of Ransom.


Thank you so much, Nadelys, we all really miss working on Ransom. In fact, the show was renewed by both CBS and Global, but the studio that produced the series felt the show wasn't profitable enough and decided to let it come to an end. That was a disappointment, of course, but we are all so grateful and proud of the three seasons we got to make together.

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