Frank, hello!

To start with, thank you for The X-Files! My husband and I loved watching it together; we never missed it. He still has a crush on Gillian Anderson; or maybe it’s Scully he really has the crush on!

The reason for my correspondence is that I wondered if Leonardo will have more than one series. I certainly hope so! Aidan Turner’s stellar work ethic should make him the perfect actor to portray one of the greatest creators of all time for a very long time.

When Aidan did Poldark, it was kind of a given that there would be at least a second series. They were rather coy about it, but we heard rumors they would do five, and they did. I’ve not seen any clues about Leonardo. Hint, hint.

You were in Zagreb! I love that beautiful city and need to revisit it. I live in Washington State, but my family comes from Croatia; an island off the exquisite Dalmatian coast, to be more accurate. I hope you enjoyed yourself!

I’ve been watching Medici in preparation for Leonardo. What beautiful work! The attention to detail, fantastic writing, and superb acting lead me to believe Leonardo will be another stunning work of art. I can’t wait!



Hansville, WA

Thank you so much, Andrea! I'm delighted you enjoyed Medici and The X-Files. And yes, I had the good fortune of visiting Zagreb, which is such a beautiful city. I was only there for 48 hours, so I would love to return one day and see more.

I'm happy to report that the shooting of Leonardo is off to a great start. It's only intended to be a limited series, but I hope you will enjoy it!


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