I am so grateful Aidan Turner has been cast as Leonardo. I have followed his career for sometime now and in my opinion he is one of the most versatile, gifted and handsome actors on the planet. He actually becomes the character he is portraying and will do justice to the genius of Leonardo. He crawls directly into the skin of the character making them so authentic, so dynamic and so very incredible. His own genius will shine gloriously well for all to enjoy.
Thank you for this spectacular undertaking. It will be a wonderful tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci and his unbelievable unimaginable body of work and contributions to art, architecture, anatomy and physiology, medicine, military strategy, weaponry, science and scientific inquiry, astrology, astronomy, civil & mechanical engineering, geometry, mathematics, zoology, chemistry, pyrotechnics, mirror technologies and hydrodynamics. 
I look forward to this amazing project and hope it becomes many more episodes.There certainly could have been no better choice than Aidan Turner in this role. His body of work in theatre, film and television speaks for itself.
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