Hi Frank
Saw you put your phone number and this email on Facebook... you are a brave man! 
I'm so excited about the Leonardo mini-series and began reading the biography by Walter Isaacson. His book about Ben Franklin was outstanding, too.
I live in the U.S., so like most fans of Aidan Turner we are curious how we will see this mini-series?
Also, if you are looking for suggestions of other interesting people to highlight may I suggest John James Audubon?  I read a biography a few years ago and I thought his life story was so interesting and inspirational.  I can see Matthias Schoenaerts as Audubon...
All the best!

Thank you, Bonny! We don't know yet where Leonardo will be shown in the United States, but the broadcaster will be posted on my website and at the official Big Light site when we're able to announce it.

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