I am contacting you since I have just finished watching your series "Hunted," which I discovered by chance on Canal + in France. I loved it! I don't understand why it did not continue!!!
I am so disappointed. I would have loved to know what happened next. It is so frustrating...  That is why I am contacting you! Have you ever written a following? I read that a spin-off was planned but I could not find it. 
Please let me know if something exists. I would so much love to see or read more...
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Best regards,
French Fan :)
I am so delighted that you found and enjoyed "Hunted," Béatrice. I loved making the series and am very proud of it. The series was commissioned as a co-production between HBO Cinemax in the United States and the BBC in the UK. HBO ordered a second season, which we worked on for several months when the BBC decided to pull out. HBO wanted to continue the series alone -- we even talked about doing a spinoff called simply "Sam Hunter" -- but it wasn't possible, so the only ending we have is the ending you saw. 
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