Oh my gosh, you're still active on social media! I've been meaning to message you for years, but my attention span is crap.

It's clear how big of an impact you had on The X-Files, which is my favorite show of all time. It's a clear sign you didn't have much if anything to do with seasons 10 and 11 because of the drop in quality, and I think you had the talent that kept the show going with epic quality as long as it did. I don't think you get enough credit. Without you, Kim Manners, and Vince Gilligan, I feel the series lacked focus and quality, but I noticed the scripts you had a hand in had the most impact. I really liked The Lone Gunmen despite its reception. (If I'm wrong about seasons 10 and 11, ignore me. I'm a dork.)

I don't know if you remember, but in 2008, just before the second movie came out, you had a panel with Chris and David Duchovny (who I remember was very late) in L.A. I drove from San Diego to see you guys. I remember you being very enthusiastic and charismatic. Chris was glaring at you guys insisting you not spoil anything, and David was hesitant but nice enough.

I'm rewatching the series, and it's definitely clear the episodes you had a hand in made a huge impact on the quality of the episode. I just wanted to message you and tell you how big a fan I am, even though I know you and a lot of people go uncredited in the fandom. I hope you're happy in life and am hoping my gushing brings you at least an ounce of happiness. Keep doing what you do. You're great at it.

~The Steph


Thank you, Steph, that's really kind and generous of you. Happiness gratefully received. :)

The X-Files was such a collaborative effort, I worked on virtually all of the episodes while I was there, and I think I may be proudest of the contributions I made on the ones that I'm not credited for! But I am incredibly grateful for it all, and for the amazing fandom it has inspired. 

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