Hello Frank!

We want to give you something. This took us over a year and a half of writing, calculating, and debating the most asinine of details with each other. We were watching Fight the Future together (like, in person) and the topic of the trip back from Antarctica was brought up. We laughed at how impossible it was, how even you guys poked fun at the concept in the episode "Alone." But then we thought "what if..." 

And so it began. We started vocalizing every errant thought, talking over each other with giddiness, all the while making the word "loquacious" seem obsolete. We knew we had to solve (one of the) most unsolvable cases from The X-Files. Shit, Mulder and Scully did it all the time, why couldn't we? So we did. We figured out how Mulder and Scully made it back from Antarctica.

We won't lie: it was hard at times. We would find something that did not fit, and the end seemed so far away. But we learned from you to not give up. Together, we motivated each other to keep writing. We did it for the love of the series, for the love of the fandom, and for the love of you and Chris and Gillian and David and every single person who madeThe X-Files a part of our lives. It also seems fitting to be giving you this with the recent announcement of the revival.
We’re planning on posting this to XFN (so don’t post it on BigLight yet), but with all the maintenance the site is undergoing, we haven’t been able to publish it yet. However, it just feels right to send this your way first. 

So thank you. Thank you so, so much. And we hope you enjoy!
Jessa and Roi
P.S. Feel free to send this to Chris Carter in case he’s looking for production assistants with an extraordinary ability to recall the most meticulous details from The X-Files.
P.P.S. We’re totally serious. We will quit our jobs. This is not a drill. We’ve updated our passports and researched Canadian work visas.
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